The concept for the series, Real TV, grew out of the reality television craze that is sweeping the country. Wendy realized that when she and her 17-year-old daughter took one of their “mindless girlfriend breaks” they often tuned in to watch one of The Learning Channel makeover shows modeled after popular BBC shows. These shows— like Trading Spaces, What Not to Wear, Makeover Story, Faking It, etc— are hot-hot-hot and seem to be changing the face of American TV.

“The reason we love these makeover shows,” Wendy says, “Is that deep inside we yearn to experience real transformation.” She draws the connection between makeover and transformation in each book in the series. “That hunger for transformation comes from God,” She continues. “Olivia, as well as the other characters in the series, discovers that it can’t be satisfied by a new color of lipstick or a fresh coat of paint.”

What Readers Are Saying About Real TV: Wendy Lawton rocks! She writes with the get-real savvy of a teen and the deep sensitivity of the wise woman she is. She's hip to the culture and to the gospel—a rare combination you SO have to read.” —Nancy Rue, author of the best-selling Here’s Lily series


Changing Faces by Wendy LawtonChanging Faces: Take 1

As part of a promotional event, Olivia O’Donnell— an over-scheduled, over-achieving high school senior— wins a total fashion makeover on the hot new reality TV show, Changing Faces. After her whirlwind trip to Hollywood, she comes home sporting a polished, uptown look. As she deals with her over-committed schedule and the changed attitudes of those around her, she has to face the fact that her polish is only skin deep. The upheaval causes her to develop a plan for a soul-deep makeover.

Changing Faces is a contemporary novel for teen girls inspired by the BBC and The Learning Channel (TLC) shows “Makeover Story” and “What Not to Wear,” and the Style Channel’s “Fashion Emergency” and “A Second Look.” It includes plenty of fun and fluffy scenes of makeover magic— the duckling to the swan phenomenon that teens love.


Flip Flop by Wendy LawtonFlip Flop: Take 2

What can a girl do when her whole messed-up life is about to be revealed on national television?

Best friends Channing “Chickie” Wells and Briana Harris know everything about each other—at least, that’s what Chickie thinks. But Briana keeps her biggest fears locked away. She can’t even bring herself to tell her best friend.

Chickie comes from an almost-perfect family, and Briana loves being the adopted second daughter. She eats dinner at the Wells home more than her own—it’s a welcome refuge from the pain and secrets in her family. But when the highly rated TV decorating sensation, Flip Flop comes to town, there’s more than one dramatic “reveal.” Will Briana have the courage to face her problems head on? And will Chickie and Briana’s bedroom makeovers give them the rooms of their dreams or the stuff of nightmares?

Less is More by Wendy LawtonLess Is More: Take 3

Abby gets tired of the constant teasing about her weight at youth group. When her PE teacher submits her name for the fitness challenge on her favorite reality TV show, Less is More, it seems to be the perfect solution.

But is Abby up for the challenge?





Dating Do-Over by Wendy LawtonDating Do-Over: Take 4

In Dating Do-Over, Bailey is sweet seventeen and never been kissed—okay, she’s never even been out with a guy. When the producers of the television show, Dating Do-Over, contact her, she’s delighted. As the image consultants begin to work their magic, the young production grip intern, Luke, quietly models the beauty of authenticity.


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